Jersey is a unique place to live and work. It has its own political system, independent of Westminster, a rich heritage, and a government which is both local and national. The public sector has been through a radical programme of modernisation in recent years, and that, combined with responding to Covid-19, has seen the organisation successfully adapt to deliver services, protect public health, support those most affected by the pandemic and ensure that the Island’s economy remained resilient.

The pandemic has highlighted a growing agility, with teams reacting rapidly to ensure continuity of services. Colleagues were redeployed to where they were most needed, and officials worked closely with business and community organisations to provide support and advice in a timely manner.

We have now put in place plans to help Islanders to recover from this public health emergency and to deal with the humanitarian and economic impacts of the war in Ukraine.

We are currently reforming our health and social care system to meet the needs of a changing population, reassessing the funding formula for our schools to ensure a safe and inspiring learning environment for all students, and updating the technology platform that underpins all the public sector’s transactions.

We are committed to developing the skills that support our Island’s current and future employment needs and improve the life chances of all Islanders, and to making sure that our public service has the right people, visible leadership and collaborative culture in place to deliver the policies and services that Jersey needs. And we are developing clear, transparent, and responsive policies, combined with sound business management processes, to create the right framework for politicians to lead a modern society that competes internationally.

For these exceptional senior leadership roles, we are seeking exceptional individuals. We are open-minded about what you are doing now, and we welcome a wide range of experience. However, you should be ready to demonstrate a successful track record of delivering services for the public and an ability to provide leadership for our public sector in a fast-moving political environment.

We’re transforming so we can deliver modern, quality, value-for-money public services for islanders, that are effective and responsive to the needs of our community and stakeholders, as well as establishing a right-first-time culture.